Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Weekend

We have just simply been busy.  Not a bad kind of busy, just hectic and no time to write.  Little Guy has had a few sleepless nights which have made for a tired mom and dad.  But, that won't last forever.  Teaches us patience for sure.  Especially, at three am.  That's when you wish you had someone bring you breakfast in the morning.  LOL.  But, we will survive.  We had a low key weekend for the most part.  Finally, finally made it back to church.  Been a long time.  Little Guy still can not quite handle that though.  He made it half way through service and then I took him out a bit.  Rest of the day we spent just hanging out, decluttering the house.  It was rainy so perfect day for it.  Kids went to youth group this evening.  Irina has been deciding what she wants to make for dessert on Thanksgiving.  We all want something new this go around. 

So, this coming week is Thanksgiving.  Have a bunch of running around to do.  Doc appointments and things of that nature.  Many, many posts coming.  I will catch up this week!  To a point.  So, be ready.  Have a lot to say.  Been busy with lawyer paperwork and medical paperwork.  Takes time.  So, off to post some more stuff.

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  1. If Irina is looking for new recipes, I highly recommend this site - I love all their recipes, and they are usually very down to earth and super yummy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!