Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nik's Creative Side

Nik does a lot of communicating through drawings or what he makes.  He likes it because people can understand what he is saying that way.  That's why Kinex and Legos are pretty much vital in this house. It is his outlet.  If you all ever see any really cheap, please let me know.  He really does use them every day.  So, he has a lot of different things he does to create. 

After Halloween sales brought kits down to $1.80.  So, let Nik and the girls have fun.  This was Nik's monster he created.  Not bad.

So, back to the drawings again.  My little Stephen King.  So, you have a winter picture here.  We are studying winter.  Balls piled up are snowballs.  There is an angry sun waiting to melt everything.  Happy kids w/ the snowman.  Above the snowman is someone w/ a shovel digging into the ground creating a crack.  That in turn makes a cliff to fall on the happy crowd and snowman below.  The house falling on him will make doubly sure it will collapse.  Where does this kid come up with these things?!

Nik loves making amusement park things out of kinex pieces.  So, he created this swing ride.  It works!  Swings around.   Actually, this is rather clever.

Nik built a minecraft man out of kinex.

He loves this thing.  Just tonight, he took this big thing in bed.  Only had a tiny space to sleep in himself.  Warren said you can't sleep like that and picked up his minecraft man.  Well, it started to separate so Warren lifts it up higher and instead, the head gets lopped off w/ the ceiling fan.  He is not a happy camper.  Thankfully, he's super creative and can make it happen tomorrow. 

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