Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Little Counterfitter

And yes, I know I spelled it wrong.  Nik has been desperately wanting a Minecraft foam sword.  He can't quite have a job yet so it is a tough thing for a kid.  But, that does not stop our son. 

Nik went ahead and made his own stack of money.  Out of construction paper.

And he didn't just go for the small bills either!  Nik truly thought he could go to the store and buy his sword.  Did not help this morning that he received money from church.  JAM (Jesus and Me) dollars that you can spend there.  Of course he does NOT get that he cant' spend it at the store.  Nik to make a stack of pictures of his drawings and make a book.  Have to be a desire for humor in the reading community.  LOL.  He wants to work though which is good.  For now, construction paper money.  Hey, at least he is learning it goes nowhere fast in today's world.

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