Thursday, November 13, 2014

Medical Stuff

With many children come medical needs.  Some are more in depth than others.  For us, we have a hodge podge but I consider ourselves to be very blessed with healthy children.  I really do.  Irina is older and goes to the doc on her own now.  Doing just fine.  Max goes on his own as well.  We all go to a family doc.  His last pediatric neurology appt. is this week.  A sign they are growing up.  Bojan is doing fine as well.  He is getting new legs and separate post on that coming up.  We did find out recently about some medical history in his bio family so will be following up here as well.  But should be fine.  Alyona is doing fine medically.  She is getting a cyst/ tumor (doc thinks more of a tumor as it seems to be solid) removed in January.  All her surgical follow ups have been fantastic. All those that have needed eye exams have gotten them.  I think I will have Sofie checked out for asthma.  Something just seems off with her.  And, think it's more than allergies.  We shall see.  If it is asthma, VERY mild.  Irina and Nik had asthma and Nik had to have a nebulizer every night.   Sofie would not even need that.  Asked the neuro yesterday but not her specialty so got nowhere fast on that one.  LOL.  Nik will be getting his Neptunes next week!  All our kids that recently went for eye checkups have done well.  Houseguest's eyes have even improved. 

Now, Little guy is most recently home and that entails lots of testing, especially, when a child is developmentally very behind.  Things thus far have all come back normal yet all the specialists are still scratching their heads and ordered more in depth testing.  I can not get into specifics until after court so things must wait.  And, with all my kids, some things are left unsaid publicly to protect them.  Fine line.  Anyhow, he is currently receiving OT, PT and speech.  He sees a myriad of specialists.  His more in depth testing ordered by genetics and neurology will be back around mid-December.  He is getting fitted for a helmet next week.  It is a weighted one.  Never had even heard of weighted helmets before him.  So, learning as we go.  Even experienced parents of special needs learn something new every day. 

Overall, nothing to complain about.  We have lucked out with equipment.  Also, everyone is healthy!  Sofie gained 5 lbs. since last year and grew two inches the neuro told us.  Since medical needs are met, academic needs to be our focus and learning.  And there is much to be done to get them on track.  For medical needs though, we are very pleased things are going as well as they are with all the kids. 

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