Monday, November 24, 2014

Manic Monday

Not doing 5 posts tonight but am working on them.  I really am getting back on track for things.  Even thank you cards.  If I forgot  you, working on memory too. LOL.  Today we stayed home to focus on school and 4 of the kids had therapy today.  Tomorrow, also staying home all day.  Playing catch up on school as the kids didn't do any school work on Friday and had impromptu hang out time.  And every once in awhile, that's fine.  So, onto Manic Monday post.

  • No classes this week for homeschoolers (Civil War, Spanish, tae kwon do)
  • Have youth group
  • May go to evening service
  • Tried a new church on Sunday and liked it
  • homeschoolers are getting caught up on some work
  • getting in the groove of organization 
  • Logan finally got that haircut (he finally got tired of growing it out...thank goodness!)
  • dogs need a bath
  • sold a few items this past weekend & cleaned out the shed (looks a ton better in the yard)
  • still have a pile of sweet potatoes to give away to locals
  • need to think of what sports kids are doing in the spring
  • houseguest has some dance performances coming up
  • staying here Thanksgiving
  • LittleGuy has had a rough week sleeping
  • Irina and Max are still working
  • Logan and Alex are going around the neighborhood and have managed to get jobs raking leaves.  Great initiative.
  • making new desserts for Thanksgiving...all Irina
  • need to do some shopping
  • Little Guy gets his helmet this week
  • OT, PT, and speech full force this week
  • Bojan needs his fitting scheduled
  • Irina goes to doc tomorrow
  • think we're about done w/ lawyer paperwork
  • need to make arrangements for court and where everyone will be
  • can't believe Christmas is next month
  • haven't decorated a thing unlike most of America it seems 
  • I have no elf on the shelf (seriously, don't need another thing to do)
more going on but wanted to keep it short as to get to small workout this evening and another post or two.  more to come.

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