Monday, November 17, 2014

Manic Monday

This will be a rather short post as Little Guy was up all night (literally) last night.  Tough stuff.

  • Last Spanish class this week
  • Thanksgiving is next week
  • Civil War, dance class, and all sorts of therapies
  • tutor comes and helps the kids a few days a week
  • making all sort of doc appointments for various people
  • Little Guy gets fitted for a weighted helmet this week
  • Nik gets his Neptunes this week
  • Bojan gets fitted for his legs this week I'm guessing
  • Bojan was nominated for a leadership conference
  • Irina started a new job this week
  • Max is still working
  • cleaning out RV  & winterizing
  • getting colder in NC
  • Warren's car has 3 recalls
  • trying to make his car last at least another year
  • youth group this week
  • FAS Support Group meeting
And much, much more.  However, after no sleep whatsoever last night, I just need to get to bed.  More posts this week for sure as Reni, Logan and Summer have now been home three years!  Hard to believe.

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