Monday, November 10, 2014

Manic Monday

Understatement of the year!  It has been crazy, crazy here at Chaos Manor.  I will get back to posting now that we're getting back on track.  So, let's get started w/ a bit  and then I'll do some real posts very soon.

  • went to a barn dance/ hayride this past weekend
  • kids went to parties
  • got caught up on laundry
  • we organized the house again
  • kids have youth group this week
  • Spanish, dance, Civil War class, tae kwon do, etc. this week
  • speech, PT, OT therapies this week
  • adoption celebration thing at Warren's work
  • one of the kids stole my $20 today 
  • someone took Warren's silver certificates and tore them up (yes, these were in MINT condition).  We're still angry about this one.
  • dogs need a bath
  • my cardiologist died.  Found out he was involved in a sting operation for not so good reasons (unrelated to his death)
  • found new cardiologist
  • Little Guy needs a cardiologist as well for a check
  • waiting on all Little Guy's more in depth blood work
  • Little Guy is making progress
  • Summer completed 2 school workbooks
  • got into a routine and now doing therapy w/ all the kids every night but Fridays
  • Little Guy still needs many items
  • Alyona's surgery is scheduled for Jan. 13th
  • not sure what is on tap for Thanksgiving as of right now
  • my parents have retired and are moving to Florida
  • kids still need some clothing for winter
  • need to fill out eye exam claim for house guest
  • need to get house guest glasses
  • lots to catch up on
  • Bojan is getting running legs
  • Nik is getting Neptunes
  • Alyona just cost us a pile of money (more in a whole other post!)
  • Logan will need new teeth (umm, related to Alyona & what she did, ahem)
Oh, so much to share, so much to say.  Really is.  Our life has been a flurry of activity hence, the hiatus.  But I'm back I hope.  LOL.  More to come!

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