Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Is a Redneck Fort Creative??

Well of course it is!  The other day, Sofie, Summer and Nik decided to build a house as they put it.  I said yes, that's fine.  Not truly knowing what I was agreeing to.

Looked out and this is what I saw.  Not too bad I thought.

And here is a view from the ground.

Upon further inspection, I found it is more likely residents here could sustain a head injury from falling logs and might want to be evacuated from said residence.  They were none too happy about that suggestion.

This was the top.  Blankets, sleds, parachutes, etc.  They were SO happy at what they made.  Had lunch in their 'fort.'  After this, I don't have pictures.  Nik decorated it in Christmas lights.  Put furnishings in there.  Took a Christmas Tree out of the shed to pu in their house.  They had so much fun, I let them keep it up for two days.  But, the eyesore had to come down.  Can only be Redneck for so long, right?  they worked hard on their fort.  Wish we could build them a real one.  Always wanted one in the yard as I know they'd use it all the time.  Just like the swingset, trampoline and pool, a fort would be used daily too.  Course, we'd use a different set of engineers for that one. 


  1. This sounds like a project for Max.

  2. My sister, cousins and I used to build forts almost daily in the summer when we were kids. The fun was not so much in the finished fort itself, but in the building of it. When one fort was complete, we played in it for a while and then thought of improvements, additions, new materials to use, etc. which constantly prompted us to tear down our fort and start building anew.