Saturday, November 15, 2014

Flowers, Fixing Up and Finally

So, been a busy, busy week but I feel like we are actually accomplishing things nowadays.  So, trying to back fill some posts and finish a few things off. 

These were some of our bright fall mums we got from the farmer.  However, they were beat to death by a soccer ball.  Not even sure why I bother any more to be honest.

Okay, so we had a very, very rusty old trailer.  And I mean complete rust bucket.  Well, Max sanded the entire trailer and painted it.  Hitch, chain and all!

when he took this pic, the inside still wasn't completely painted.  but, you can see some of the rust.  He painted the outside black and inside gray.  Awesome job!  Just need two new tires now and we'll be set.  This comes in very handy to haul the trash off.  And pick up other items.

Max got his driver's license!  I know he was patient and greatly appreciate that.  He is a great driver and I've even driven with him a few times since he got it.  You know that is very  hard for a parent to do, right?  He is a very cautious driver which I like.  Knows the rules of the road.  For those with teens, waiting a few years brings much more maturity.  Now, Bojan turns 16 in  January but is in no hurry. And that is okay.  He also has to learn to drive a different way than the rest of us so I am perfectly fine with him wanting to wait a bit longer.  Irina has decided not to get her license and that is okay.  We support her on that.  If she ever changes her mind though, we'll support her then too. 

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