Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bojan & His Legs

Today, Bojan had his PT come and work with him.  We decided to get him involved in PT for multiple reasons.  He is 15yo.  Almost 16.  He is going to be getting two new running legs, as well as a RHEO knee, and two new legs.  That being said, he'll need to learn how to use all this new equipment.  The PT evaluated him today and will be working with him once a week.  Bojan will do exercises everyday during the week and then they'll tweak on Saturdays.  This is a good set up for him.  He will not only improve his walk, but will also learn to run!  She also wants to teach him how to ride a bike.  A dream of his for a long, long time. 

These are Bojan's current legs.  He is a below knee amputee on the left side and an above knee amputee on the right.  His most recent amputation being on the left that was once a club foot.  He very rarely feels the residual limb pain.  PT asked him that this morning.

This is Frank and Bojan.  Frank is the man that keeps Bojan walking.  We have known Frank since we got back from Serbia.  Frank works w/ Limbionics.  A fantastic company here in NC.  They have truly done amazing work in more ways than one.  We owe Frank and the team there a lot.  The next few weeks will be very, very busy as Bojan gets fitted and the new legs and new running legs arrive.  This is  a major change for him but a very positive change for him I feel.  

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