Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blessings Abound!

Wow, 5th post of the night.  I must be fueled on no sleep and caffeine.  Though it's been an up and down the past few months, we truly have been blessed by not only gifts but great friends as well.  People who are there for us through thick and thin.  Makes a difference in life.  As with any adoption, we have had things break lately.  Like a lot lately. 

So, our vacuum was toast but really couldn't get another one.  Well, happen to get statement in the mail and sure enough, had enough points on it to buy a vacuum!  Huge blessing.

Now that we have a vacuum that sounds normal and not like it's going to explode, the kids want to vacuum all the time.  This is the cleanest this carpet has been in ages.  LOL.  Nothing like a pack and play in the middle of the living room, huh?

A friend brought a big sheet of pizza one day for lunch for us to enjoy.  I babysit her son here and there and her son and our kids get along SO well they always are asking to play together even if I'm not watching him.  Just a great match up.  All our outdoor kids so it works.

Can you tell they were happy to get pizza AND soda?

A friend came by one morning with donuts!  Was quite the sweet treat. 

This was our life a bit ago.  Dishes, dishes, dishes galore.  Our dishwasher had finally broken.

Had locals be on the look out for used ones and a friend called me that day saying she found one for $50!  And, it worked.  Hey, that's important you know.

Course handyman Max was the installer.  Took out the old.  Put in the new.

Yes, it's older, smaller but it is also quieter and it works.  Hoping we can get a year out of it before we buy a new one.  Just was a big blessing and gave us all a greater appreciation for that appliance. 

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