Sunday, November 23, 2014

A love lost

This time last year, we had to say goodbye to a child we loved with all our hearts.  To say it was gut wrenching is an understatement.  I can not even begin to describe the pain we felt.  We had just finished a wonderful vacation with her and we were all just happy.  In the adoption world, you never know what will happen until things are final.  Even up until the last second. I will not dwell on what was.  I will say we have never forgotten her.  thought you should know the other side of adoption.  The heartbreak.  The loss.  This was something written last year by my husband.  It is so very true. I questioned whether to post it but feel others need to understand that adoption is not always the happy ending you want it to be.  Sometimes, it is a very broken road.  In adoption, you must accept the good with the bad and the uncertainty.  As hard as it may be.  And trust me, it is hard. 
My mind is clouded with sadness, anger, anguish, and things best left in the dark corner for none to hear.

The loss of such a bright light in one's life, makes the shadows that much harsher.

For, the contrast of the love given, versus the emptiness left, is a bitter edge of pain.

With time, experience teaches the edge is dulled. The shadows retreat. But the glow of the love felt remains.

Goodbye to my youngest. If you forget us, we'll never forget you.

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