Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sticky, Silly & Sweet Potatoes

Hey, two posts today.  I'm on a roll.  Well, not really.  Just avoiding work around the house.  And, Little Guy is up but Irina missed him all day as she was at work.  So, she's rocking him.  So, not going to be a long post.  Still have a bunch to get done.  For now, a few pictures.

Another parenting lesson for a parent of a child with FAS.  Always give explicit instructions.  Don't just say put the glue back in the drawer.  First say, put the lid back on the glue.  Thank you Sofie.  BTW, it is still there as we are waiting for the stupid glue to dry in order to pull it apart.  

Max just being goofy.  We were all goofing around and I snapped a picture.  He was just happy.  Don't get too many of him nowadays as he's at work all day.  Tired when he gets home.  But, still spends time w/ his sibs and even playing with his new baby brother.  Umm, didn't like him when he first came.  Hey, being honest.  Now, he'll take Little Guy and play with him or throw him over his shoulders and run around the house w/ him.  Little Guy laughs like crazy when he does that.  Be patient out there, as sometimes, bonding is not instantaneous amongst sibs especially when such an age gap.  Just happy it happened.  

Warren with sweet potatoes.

More peeling of sweet potatoes.  What you may not understand is a friend took some of my kids to glean the fields of the sweet potatoes.  It is where the machine has already picked them and you can go to the fields if you have permission from the farmers and pick what is leftover.  Plenty for everyone.  And I mean plenty.  We got literally a trailer full!  Been processing for weeks now. LOL.  Gave a bunch away but still have a ton.  We make sweet potatoes fries, store some, mush some up for pies later and things of that nature.  Some of my peelers in the kitchen.  For awhile we had washers...Sofie, Summer and Nik.  Peelers... houseguest, Irina, Alex & Logan.  Cutters...Bojan, Reni and myself.  Packager.... Alyona.  Warren as fill in.  It works.  We have a supply now which is great for the upcoming winter months.  This weekend, we will experiment with making our own tortillas and freezing them.  We make our own pizza dough and love it.  We are learning.  More posts to come. 

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