Thursday, October 16, 2014

Seeing Stars

Homeschool is trucking right along. Figuring out where everyone is.  We do science and history together but other other subjects such as math, English and spelling are separate.  This week we are on constellations, planets and pretty much astronomy.  We will be going to the planetarium at some point but it is an expense to save for even w/ discount membership fees.  Hoping to catch a groupon deal at some point but really want to go this month.  We'll see.  The other thing we do is hands on projects here and there.  Some simple, some more challenging.  The one we did this week was very easy but got the point across of how people see constellations. 

Alex trying to decide what design he will make.  Eventually, he went with warrior.

All of them working on their own designs.  Simple but gets creative juices flowing.  Notice most are still in pajamas.  LOL.

Nik wants more toothpicks and wants a three dimensional design.

Never too young to start learning.

Still working hard and realizing they'll need many more marshmallows to complete it.  Plus, more they use, more they get to eat!  And ignore those bananas that seemed to have gone south.

Nik's was believe it or not, well built.  Kids were amazed he could throw it up in the air again and again and not have it break.

Alyona wanted to make a kite as did Summer.  Was a nice looking project and got the morning started right.  Next few weeks is anatomy for science to lots of projects for that one.  I want to do dissection as well.  Just want to make sure they don't play Frankenstein one day and get their own frogs to dissect.  LOL.  

History we are on the Revolutionary War while my kids are simultaneously enrolled in a Civil War class for homeschool.  It's great for them to get in a class setting every once in awhile as well.  And, they do lots of hands on with that class too.  We plan on going to a local battlefield as well for the Civil War Class.  I think I may do the chef math book I have.  All have areas of weakness in math and well, need to make some of it fun or I'll lose my mind too.  We did some pre-algebra worksheets today as well as some doing regrouping in subtraction.  I was spent the rest of the afternoon.  Tomorrow is Friday and we have Civil War class.  Picking up Reni's glasses in teh morning before we go.  Have speech therapy tomorrow as well as a little boy coming over I watch occasionally.  Think we'll all be busy.  On Saturday, we have Camp Woodbine.  So much fun.  A day out. Irina and Bojan are volunteers this year.  Rest are participating.  Supposed to be gorgeous out.  Can't wait.  Neither can the kids. 

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