Monday, October 20, 2014

Manic Monday

Well, a new week has started so here goes:

  • Had an awesome weekend 
  • Went to Camp Woodbine.  (pics later today)
  • A/B rep is going to help us!  Very excited about that.  Nik may even get a shot at Neptunes!
  • Social Worker came yesterday
  • PPR's for two kids getting done
  • Going to need to fundraise soon
  • OT and PT start for Little Guy this week
  • Little Guy has speech eval
  • Summer, Sofie and Nik have speech this week
  • Civil War class Friday
  • Spanish Tuesday
  • OT also coming for Summer and Sofie
  • Reni got her new glasses
  • Houseguest needs to go for eye exam
  • FAS Support group meeting
  • Going to museums this weekend
  • Going to Krispy Kreme b/c well, you know, it's by t he museums
  • Dogs need a bath. Again. Thinking Warren's dog wash idea may not be so bad
  • Little Guy and Nik are truly into Legos.  Be on the look out for cheap Mega Blocks please
  • Need to do some type of fundraiser I think for these two adoptions
  • Little Guy loves his walker  
  • Watched a friend's kids today so my kids loved that
  • air conditioner is off for good.  Weather is superb!
  • Getting organized 
  • More paperwork to do
  • Hoping Max can take a day off work this week to get his license
  • Max is looking at cars & seeing what will work (& what he can afford)
  • Bojan has an awesome opportunity this week
  • Dance and tae kwon do this week
  • Looking into what sports/ classes kids will be doing next semester
  • Taking RV in for inspection this week
  • Doing an online project that pays me to do it 
And of course much more at Chaos Manor.  Bit by bit, we get things done.  Hoping to do the Camp Woodbine post this evening after kids go to bed.  We had such an awesome time.  

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