Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Manic Monday... a tad late

Yes, been one of those crazy kind of weeks here.  So, here goes:

  • Max got his license today!
  • Little Guy has an MRI/ EEG at Duke
  • became very clear that Little Guy has some past trauma
  • Little Guy is starting to turn around when walking
  • kids are excited about upcoming camping trip
  • kids are making some Halloween costumes
  • working on surveys
  • cleaned house this weekend
  • have speech/ OT/ PT this week for some of the kids
  • Bojan is getting two new running legs and a new leg (more later)
  • RV got inspected
  • tae kwon do and dance this week
  • Civil War class and Spanish as well
  • kids may go to story time again tomorrow
  • Max's computer needs a part
  • Sofie is stuffed up
  • weather is fantastic here in NC
  • sending in forms for Nik's new Neptunes (more on that later too)
  • parents are moving to FL for retirement
  • medical bills are just wow
  • Irina and Max are still working
  • Max is saving up for a car
  • Bojan is doing extremely well in school
  • Alyona will be in high school next year
  • homeschool is chugging along
  • need to order frog to disect (fun times...anatomy)
  • very tired
  • figuring out what we're doing for Thanksgiving
so, a ton going on and even more than listed.  Just been super duper busy and Halloween is coming up.  And no, we are not ready.  Shoot, we are an epic fail at this house.  Didn't even get all our decorations out this year.   Let you all know how tomorrow goes.  Need to get to bed.  Up in a few hours so he can eat as can't eat anything past 6am.  Oy!  Why do they do that to little kids?  Why not make them first on the docket?  His is at 12:30. 

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