Friday, October 17, 2014


Well, no exciting title there, huh?  So, today kids have Civil War History class.  I usually take them and their friends.  However, this morning was somewhat crazy so my friend took them which was a relief.  Meantime, some days are just crazy anyhow.  Little Guy was in a very cranky mood and Max obviously needed to go to the urgent care as swelling had not subsided.  Yesterday at work, hornets got under his work gloves and stung him repeatedly. This morning, still swollen even after benedryl.  They gave him a shot of benedryl, shot of cortisone, and starting on prednisone tomorrow.  He had more benedryl this evening and the hand is still super swollen.  Took a picture on the ipad but can't get the pics to transfer to here.  Needless to say, Max has been pretty doped up all day and sleeping most of it. 

Kids went to class and them and their friends came to hang out. They made us brownies.  Yum.  We all ate lunch together. Then, speech therapist came.  In addition, a new OT came for evals for Sofie, Summer and Little Guy.  Can't wait to get started on some things.  Next week!  Kids played most the day.

Tomorrow is a really busy day with us going to Camp Woodbine.  Can't wait!  So much fun each year.  I'll have pictures tomorrow so be ready.  Supposed to be a beautiful sunny Carolina day and cool weather.  Well, nice weather.  In the 70's.  Perfect for being outside all day.  Kids are very ready to go and have some fun.  Working on a bunch of stuff tomorrow afternoon as well.  So much to catch up on on this blog. One day at a time.  I'm just thrilled we get to go out tomorrow and everyone enjoy themselves.  Makes things pleasant.  How lucky are we?!  Got to go to sleep.  Have to be up early.  More to come.

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