Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dentist visits/ OT/ PT and such

The other week the remaining kids went to the dentist.  I ended up having to buy a new outfit at Burlington Coat Factory (quickly realizing why we normally don't shop retail) due to Sofie forgetting to use the bathroom before we left.  I know, nice one.  Anyhow, we were anxious to see if we still had our couple year streak of no cavities for ALL the kids.  Well, houseguest needs one tooth pulled as it will just not come out and other tooth is struggling to get in.  Reni needs new sealants.  Summer, poor kid, needs 4 teeth pulled as her mouth is so very crowded.  All that is set for December 11th.  Then we have Logan.  He broke the streak.  URGHH!!!  Though, dentist explained it's really not his fault.  Deep grooves.  So, he gets one.  I think one of the other kids that day needed one too. I think it was Alyona.  Don't remember.  Been years since any had a cavity.  Something we always joke about.  But, we're also very thankful for it.  So, that was the dentist visits.  Oh, oh, forgot the most important thing.  Sofie.  Sofie can not talk.  Well, she can but no one can really understand her.  Severe speech apraxia as well as a very high palate.  Comes from finger sucking.  We have tried no bite. We have tried hot sauce.  Gloves.  You name it.  So, it has come to her needing an appliance.  A thousand dollar one NOT covered by insurance.  Kids are all desperately trying to get her to stop b/c I said if we can't get her to stop by next time, they will put the appliance on her to prevent the finger sucking as well as correct the severe crossbite it has caused.  URGHH!!!  Dentist told us to order Mavala from Amazon for $13.  He said worth a shot.  Ordered it.  Did nothing.  Applied it twice.  Nothing.  So, kids and us are trying our best to stop her b/c if we don't, we can't go to the Bulgarian Reunion next year.  Needless  to say, no one is too pleased w/ Ms. Sofie and the finger sucking right now. 

Today, our PT and OT came for Little Guy, Sofie and Summer.  Little Guy gets OT, PT and Speech.  Sofie and Summer OT and speech of course.  Love the OT that came today and taught us things that we can do to help Little Guy stand up better.  I think with the team of therapists we have, the kids will surely improve on some things.  Can't wait.

Tomorrow, we have story time.  Also, all the kids have youth group and 3 of the boys have tae kwon do as well.  Only speech comes tomorrow.  We will get things done.  One day.  Bojan has the opportunity to go to a conference and learn an immense amount.  This is with his prosthetist.  And when a once in a life time opportunity comes around, you GO.  So, he will get out of school a little early but very well worth it.  Can't wait to hear more!  So much going on at once here but we've got this as the saying goes.  Very happy with the way things are right now.  Good things happening here to be sure.  Yes, we are tired.  But, it is a good tired.  More to come.  And pictures. Definitely need more pictures.


  1. This is my 3rd attempt at leaving a message, I hope you are not getting duplicates. Ok, here I go again. My daughter had a crossbite and a very narrow palate. When the ortho saw her around 5 or so, he said that most likely with or without finger sucking, she would have needed the appliance as most of the issues come from genetics. He told me that I could try to stop her from sucking her fingers, but as I know from my own experience being a thumb person myself, he said that it can be a losing battle. One that normally they stop by themselves anyway..many times with peer pressure. My daughter had stopped using her fingers to sooth everywhere except her bed, with only a few exceptions being when she was sick etc.When we went back she was 7 and we got the appliance on, and they put that little gate on it to block the fingers. We had a few long nights, but she was also excited to be one of the few in her grade with "braces". They were able to take the gate off after one week. After 6 months, the difference in her bite was amazing! It actually makes sense to do the heavy duty palate thing now, because her palate is still growing and soft. If you wait until most kids get braces, their palates are much harder to widen. Also, since we had this done, my daughter's mouth was not as crowded and her new teeth had room to come in, rather than making a bigger mess of her teeth. So, even though it was expensive, I have no regrets at all(I think they should use this as a medical rather then cosmetic) My daughter is 13 now, and she will need some braces just to straighten out her bite a little..although you would never know to look at her....But, I am so glad we did the appliance as my ortho recommended. I will gladly send you the before and after of my daughter's mouth. It is amazing. I know it is a big expense, but maybe you could do a few fundraisers? I will gladly send you something to auction off. I am sorry to be so long winded, I just know what it is like to be the little girl in the middle of the night, frantically washing the nasty stuff off my thumb, lol. Good luck, and please let me know what happens.

  2. Hey Steph! My little Danny was a thumb sucker too! Had the huge upper cleft and protruding teeth (buck teeth). It was cute when he was 5, annoying when he was 8, but down right ridiculous by the time he was 13, 14, 15...So, we went to the orthodontist and they put an appliance in his mouth that actually had a pc of metal that pokes downward so it's very uncomfortable for them to suck their thumb. He tried to still do it for a little while, but eventually at age 15, he quit. Before that we had tried everything too. The only thing that even half-way worked was making him put socks over his hands. He hated that. But I hated the little pout he had while wearing them. Anyways, I wish you luck and yes, I'm still here keeping up with you! Blessings! Ginger AKA iadopted5