Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Camp Woodbine

Each year, we try to go to Camp Woodbine.  It is a camp for hearing impaired kids and their families.  All are invited w/ no cost to the families.  It is amazing.  It is just for the day but such a wonderful set up and so much to do for all ages.  As my kids get older with some of the places we go to, they get to volunteer.  I don't make them.  I don't make them go and I also don't make them volunteer.  Only do it if they want to.  And well, this year Irina and Bojan wanted to.  Was proud of them for that and got such glowing reports on them, made me very happy to be their mom.  Well, time to get to pictures. 

 Sofie with her gear on and ready to go. 

Nik and Summer.  Umm, right where they belong!  LOL.  

Alyona trying to make her bandanna stylish.

Little Guy getting used to some new terrain.  We tied his bandanna to his walker.  Lots of hills and rocks.  quite the work out for him and us!  

My kids could ride horses all day long.  Truly, they could.  Here is Sofie.  Really growing up.

And Ms. Summer playing a game.  She had so much fun.

Didn't see Irina or Bojan much as they were the volunteers.  But, a quick shot of Irina as we passed her in the game section.  Such a gorgeous day for these events.

Nik at home with archery.  Really a sport he needs to take up.

And could not believe the shots Reni got in without her glasses!

Sofie and Little Guy(not pictured) really loved digging for gold in the sand.  They could have stayed at this station all day long.

Summer was so proud she got to hold the sign for her group.

Summer getting ready to ride.  Fun times.

Nik is right at home on a horse.  If we could ever change professions, farm ownership would be in our future.  All my kids love horses.  All of them.

And this is the trip home.  Sofie is NOT supposed to be sucking her finger.  Separate post on that one real soon.  It's serious.  Anyhow, we all had a fantastic time, company was awesome, compliments were sweet, and the A/B rep is working currently on Nik's case!  They are trying to resolve an issue and Warren volunteered us as beta testers.  Umm, they may take us up on it.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  This is a wonderful event and if in the area next year, you must go.  Only a day but lots of fun packed into it for sure. 

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