Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Banjo, beater, braids & bling

Hey, must start back somewhere, huh?  Been beyond busy lately but this is life.  So, decided to just jump right back into blogging as need to.  Been a long few weeks. 

So Max brought home a banjo from work the other day from one of the houses.  Needs some new strings but Nik didn't care.  Warren had actually always wanted a banjo.  Nik has been picking it up and trying to play it ever since.  I'm sure a youtube video is in his future to learn how to play it.  

Sofie got to lick the beater on her birthday.  A favorite for her to be sure!  Any kid really.  

Well, Houseguest is our in house stylist to be sure.  She can braid like there's no tomorrow!  Unreal some of the creations she's done.  I'll have to really take some pics.  It's awesome to be sure.  Fishtail braids and all.  Here, it is just regular braids and french braids.  She'll sit down and do all the girls' hair.  Maybe we'll look decent for our next family picture for a change.  

Summer with some of her bling.  The other day I was at a consignment shop.  I have been looking for these beads every since I got them last Christmas.  The girls LOVE them!  Found some and bought them.  Made their day to be sure.  They design new necklaces/ bracelets every single day.  Hope to find some more one day.  Pink really is a great color on Summer, isn't it?  

There is much more to come.  Today is Wednesday.  So, had youth group and the boys had tae kwon do.  Not to mention I babysit a little boy here and there so time finding is getting tougher.  All are doing fairly well.  Windows are finally open and we are surely ready for fall.  More posts coming.  Just need like four hours more in a day.  LOL.  Catch you all up at happenings at Chaos Manor soon enough. 

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