Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I know, not a fancy title or even catchy.  Oh well.  Not in the mood.  I told the kids this morning I'm done.  They were not listening to the lessons, doing work, etc.  I  said I quite, fend for yourselves on school work.  They'll be a test on Friday.  Whoever doesn't pass, doesn't do activities on Saturday.  They looked mortified I would suggest such a thing.  You should have seen them try to figure out which history section we were on.  Hey, sometimes you just do what you have to do.  Got through our morning. 

Speech therapist came for Summer, Sofie and Nik.  All are really improving.  You can actually understand Sofie now!  IT's awesome.  Boys had Tae Kwon Do for hte first time this evening.  Loved it!  Just had an awesome time and glad they are taking it.  Tomorrow, houseguest has dance.  Rest of the day, we'll try to catch up on some school.  Friday they have Civil War class and that evening, we are going to go see Max's art exhibit.  Saturday may go to the bug fest downtown.  Undecided yet on that one.  However, we are going to the farm to visit a dear friend.  Can't wait.  Been keeping busy.  Still trying to catch up on some posts.  Getting there bit by bit.  More to come and pictures too. 

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