Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sunshine and A Broken Foot (sort of)

So, today we took it easy for the most part.  It was simply gorgeous weather outside.  Beautiful carolina blue skies and sunshine as far as the eye could see.  Slight breeze but in the 70's and you just wanted to be outside.  A local church put on a little event that we went to.  Took the little kids but Irina, Reni and Houseguest wanted to go as well.  Get out of the house and not stay w/ the boys.  We had a really good time together at such a simple event.  Even saw some old friends. 

Sofie wanted to help be the big sister and take her brother's diaper bag to the car.

Muddy the Mudcat was there.  A local baseball mascot.

Nik and Summer enjoying a lunch at the event.  We got to eat hotdogs on the grill, chips, soda, and fruit salad & dessert.  YUM!

Sofie playing a game.  Her hair is really growing like crazy.

Nik waiting for his turn. They got prizes too.

Reni and Irina.  They work well together.

My older girls really had fun w/ the cornhole game.  Need one of these for sure!  Houseguest, Reni & Irina would toss it to these two boys playing.  Just was a really nice event and we all had a relaxing time.

Well shoot.  the file won't upload.  Uploaded on Facebook but not here for some reason.  It is a picture of Bojan's broken foot. He busted the carbon fiber foot and the foot shell!  All he did was walk the dog.  So, Max took old parts and rigged it up till we can get the new one ordered.  Never dull.  Need to get going so only one post today.  Have a house showing tomorrow. 

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