Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sundaes, sorting and Shaun the Sheep

Okay, so that title is a bit better than Wednesday.  LOL.  Told you, lots to catch up on so be prepared.  I'm on a roll again. 

 The other night, we decided to surprise the kids with ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Had some free coupons so that was even more of a motivator.  Got there and the line was wrapped around outside.  

We decided to go to Wally World and get stuff to make our own sundes with.  Kids were just as happy as if they went to Dairy Queen.  Had some awesome sundaes, watched a movie and just chilled on the couch together for the evening.  Was relaxing and just nice.

So, we hate this.  The corner cabinet always gets a mess w/ the tupperware type stuff.  Like a never ending abyss in that cabinet.  Irina and Reni volunteered to clean it out together.  They did a wonderful job too.  And yes, it's starting to already get a mess again.  

The other day the kids wanted to make Shaun the Sheep.  So got some cotton balls out.  Well, Nik did.  

Sofie got in on the action as well.  Made her own drawing.

My kids watch this and Timmy Time all the time.  They LOVE Shaun the Sheep.  I have been trying to see if anywhere there is Shaun the Sheep toys or such.  I know it is a British Show and maybe that's why I'm having trouble finding some things.  If you come across any, do let me know.  I think Nik did a great likeness of him. A sign he is clearly watching it too much.  LOL.  Even Little Guy likes it now.  How crazy is that?! 

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