Friday, September 19, 2014

More Summer Time Fun

Still trying to play catch up on some posts.  We had Civil War History class today and then realtor came over to take some more pictures.  More focus will be on selling this home so we can then settle in a new location. Not sure what we're doing this evening.  We'll see. 

A local church puts on a community festival every year.  It is wonderful.  Not very big and for some of our kids, that is just right. Summer strutting her stuff.

Nik getting his chance at riding the horse.  He too could ride all day.

I was shocked that Sofie wanted nothing to do with the horse.  Donkey, yes, horse, no.

This is Sofie not wanting to do the cake walk.  In addition, we are having her have trouble w/ this sort of thing lately.  Not wanting to participate in public.  Not sure why.  Same thing happens when we go to story time.

Summer and Nik enjoying a snow cone.  Really was a super hot, sweaty day.

Alex trying to cool off.  Not many pics of Alex and Bojan and the older ones as they went around separately.  

Future firefighter?  They thought the bell ringing was cool.

Summer clearly loved it!

Bojan kept feeding Little Guy the mini donuts they had to offer.  I said how many did he eat?  He said the whole bag.  Hmm, next time, tell older son to put a limit on what his brother may eat.  LOL.  Nik showing off some of his prizes.  It was a nice little carnival and we had a good time.  Didn't stay that long but was pleasant for sure. 

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