Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Miscellaneous Pictures

Today we went to Duke Genetics.  That post is for another day.  It was a long day and that is all I'll say about that.  Anyhow, a few pics from last week.  Need time to digest a few things before I write a real post.  So, lucky that there are just pictures for now.   Here goes nothing.

Kids thought this was cool.  Wrote their names w/ chocolate syrup on top of vanilla yogurt.  Hit.

Nik showing off his bowl of goodness.

Summer being a wonderful big sister feeding Little Guy.  This is a huge moment for Summer.

There's evil a foot I tell you!  These two can cook up all sorts of mischief.

Nik on his bed.  Was a huge blessing to get this bed from a friend.  He loves it!  We're studying planets so Nik made his own to hang above his bed.  He always wanted one of those projectors.  Maybe one year.  Dying to take him to the planetarium.

Nik very proud of his creation.  Cut out the letters and duck taped them to the walls himself.  Notice his Shaun the Sheep pictures and of course Halloween ones.  He's a trip.  He and Little Guy share a room and since Nik can do whatever he wants, he gets free range of decor.

Sofie and Summer getting ready to go out.  They wanted to show me their hair.  Not sure why Sofie looked drugged.  LOL.  These two are something else.  If you follow on Facebook, you know of their escapades from time to time.  I will never grow old with these two.  

More to come. Tomorrow, we are at orthopedics for Little Guy.  Last week was excellent news w/ Alyona.  Hoping for the same tomorrow but I know better.  May come home w/ a walker which would be awesome.  Visit to dentist w/ rest of kids and probably prosthetist too.  And, tae kwon do tomorrow night.  Did I mention cupboards are bare so we must go grocery shopping somewhere in there.  And Max and I need to pick up our glasses.  Max is hopping to do that b/c he will be getting his license VERY soon once we get the glasses!  He is excited.  Life is moving right along here. Bojan is in a club and they are gleaning sweet potatoes this weekend and giving them to a food bank then.  My friend took most my kids today while I was at Duke w/ Little Guy.  They went to the fields and had a blast gleaning sweet potatoes. I will be freezing them for french fries tomorrow and keeping some for bread and just plain sweet potatoes.  Should have enough of a supply for a few months and did not cost us a dime.  Just some child labor which they loved to do.  So much so, they want to go tomorrow.  Need to head to bed.  Duke tomorrow as well.  Frequent visitors should at least get a punch card for a free lunch. 

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