Monday, September 15, 2014

Massive rain and masks

The other week we had torrential down pours here.  It was insane!  Our creek by our house had rushing water like I'd never seen before.  Was unreal.  Even the dog refused to go outside!  Almost hurricane rain but not quite.  Not enough wind.  Hey, live here long enough and been through a few Cat 3 & 4 hurricanes and you can tell a difference.  Still, it was raining hard.

 Now, I know you can't see it, but when it rains really hard there is a beautiful waterfall that happens in the woods.  Gorgeous in person.  I can never quite capture it when it rains though.  You have to go into the woods and look.  Nice little secret place b/c when you go, you don't get wet.  Nature at its best.  The creek was really full and rushing on by as you can tell from the picture.

Even the pool was overflowing.  And this wasn't at the end of the storm even.

Summer decided to make a Dora mask.  So glad Dora doesn't look like this!

Nik make his own kind of freaky mask.  Sofie made one too.  However, since she didn't have glasses to hold it on and couldn't figure it out, I caught her trying to glue it to her face.  Yes, real glue.  Stopped her and then Nik helped her make a paper strap for it.  Hey, better than glue. 

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