Monday, September 29, 2014

Manic Monday

Been a fairly busy time at Chaos Manor.  Today was no different.  Keeping this short as I have a genetics appointment for Little Guy in the morning.  Here goes Monday:

  • Sofie threw up this morning
  • Sofie went to doc.  Red & bulging ear infection yet never said her ear hurt.  Doc can not understand it.  That's my girl.  Antibiotics.  Also has respiratory infection.  However, not contagious so we're good.
  • Summer is also croupy sounding but she is perfectly fine.  Running around like crazy.
  • Had a beautiful weekend
  • Had a showing on the house but people thought it too much work for them
  • We scrubbed our house this past weekend and it looked awesome!
  • Little Guy has genetics and ortho apopintment
  • Got word of court date coming soon for Little Guy
  • Trying to play catch up on a variety of paperwork
  • Think I will finally take folks up on offer to help w/ items needed
  • PT eval for Little Guy this week
  • Speech this week
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Spanish
  • Working on finishing that interior paint job on the RV
  • Weather is so nice right now in NC
  • Selling some items to keep clearing clutter around here
  • Dogs are fine
  • Looking for some good fall/ winter recipes that won't break the bank
  • Going to Farmer's Market this week and all our other monthly shopping we dread
  • Bojan has joined many clubs at school and works at the library
  • Worked on math with Nik today.  Despite school saying it, no, he does not know subtraction.  He's getting it though.  
  • Sofie is anxious to learn.
  • Looking at some field trips very soon.
  • None of the kids want to move.  Still in our best interest to move.
  • Looking forward to a Halloween camping trip and Camp Woodbine for hearing impaired.
  • Ortho appointment at Duke for Little Guy.
  • Other half of the kids go to the dentist this week.
  • Kids want to try another youth group.  The elementary kids.  Middle & high schoolers are already in a youth group which they like.
  • Max & my glasses should be in this week.
  • Need to make eye doc appointment for Reni and Alyona this week.
So much more going on.  Bit by bit, getting things done.   It is a never ending list.  Really is.  Thankful for a lot these days.  More to come.  Tomorrow is a very big appointment.  Prognosis and what to expect.  Giving us a path to carve so to speak.  Lots of exciting things going on all at once. 

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