Monday, September 15, 2014

Manic Monday

Our week is starting off as normal as can be expected.  Kids are feeling the fall weather and already talking about camping!  Can't wait. 

  • had hot cocoa for breakfast today 
  • we're in the fall weather mood around here
  • kids are doing school
  • Alyona has doc appointment this afternoon at Duke
  • Bojan joined the chess club and works in the library
  • finally got our homeschool schedule more down pat
  • cancelled Little Guy's dental appointment
  • Spanish is this week
  • Civil War class is this week
  • boys start Tae Kwon Do this week
  • Houseguest has dance this week
  • talk like a pirate day on Friday so may just have to go to Krispy Kreme :)
  • need to mail off adoption paperwork
  • ready for adoptions to be finalized
  • need to order pics
  • PPR needs to be scheduled
  • need to paint boys' room trim
  • need to call eye doc as appts. were cancelled last week URGHH
  • kids are really actually doing their school work
  • determined to have Nik really reading this year
  • house was cleaned yesterday.  Today, not so much.
  • Max hung out w/ a friend all weekend.  Exploring college life option as well.
  • organizing closets to see what kids are in need of for the fall/ winter
  • Digby has a huge lump on the side of him.  I think it's gotten bigger.  Before vet said cyst.  
  • closing our pool soon for the season
  • may go to bug fest this weekend at museums
  • going to make a fire pit out of an old washing machine drum.  Well, Max is.  Pinterest
More going on in Chaos Manor.  I'll write later today about how Alyona's doc appointment went at Duke.  I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, doc will take a look at Little Guy while we're there or at least give us some tips.  He goes to see this same doc but not till October.  Would love an off cuff assessment until that time.  Pointers and things.  AFO's, walker, wheelchair, surgery, etc.  What might we be looking at possibly.  We'll see.  Anyhow, lots more to do right now so signing off for nmow and be back later.  Going to be a full week but windows are open so we're great!

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