Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Manic Monday-- a day late

Crazy has been an understatement.  Little Guy has been keeping us busy to say the least.  So, a bit of this week.  Here goes:

  • went to a local fun fest for the kids this past weekend
  • going to park this week for a homeschool group
  • kids have Civil War Class now
  • kids take Spanish class now
  • going to nature center twice a month for science stuff
  • Houseguest is taking dance
  • Nik, Alex and Logan are going to take Tae Kwon Do
  • getting in the homeschooling groove
  • have been up for three days due to Little Guy not sleeping well
  • Little Guy's birthday is this week
  • Bojan wants to be a pastor
  • Bojan is enjoying high school.  He joined the library and is starting a chess club as well
  • Sofie will pass Summer this year in learning (mixed feelings on it)
  • house is back on the market
  • getting organized
  • torrential rains yesterday
  • weather is cooling off
  • kids still swimming in pool
  • looking forward to a relaxing weekend
  • going to see Max's art exhibit this weekend
  • Max has been asked to do a commissioned piece
  • Max is doing some odd jobs now (construction/landscaping)
  • Max will graduate this month from homeschool (he had one course left & completed it here)
  • going to have a party for him
  • Max will be getting his license
  • Irina is working again
  • going to story time with the Littles
  • girls are starting to write a pen pal
  • all the kids have grown (Nik is taller than Alyona now)
  • in the midst of our adoptions
  • Alyona and Reni have eye appointments
  • need to schedule a PPR
  • today is FASD Awareness Day

And of course much, much more that I will do my best to fill you all in on.  Many updates to come.   There has been good and bad at Chaos Manor.  It's time to share and catch up on things I've been missing.  I have missed blogging to be honest.  So, be prepared to hear some long winded posts. 

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