Monday, September 22, 2014

Logan's Birthday -- w/ more on Max

Well, Logan's birthday was back in August.  Yes, I'm a little late on this stuff.  Hey, I think I'll be caught up in time for Nik's and Sofie's.  LOL. 

So, each child gets to choose the kind of cake they want me to make for their birthday.  Logan wanted a dirt cake w/ pudding.  Vanilla dirt cookies.  Umm, not the best.  And, he wanted store bought icing.  More on that one in a minute.  LOL.

Yes, why it is best to eat this confection w/ no clothes on.

Best the candles.

He doesn't look happy here.  The very next picture, huge smile but the candle got in the way so a bunch of it blurred.  Bummed.

Logan, blowing out fourteen candles if you can believe it!

Irina is NOT happy w/ the icing nor was anyone else, including Logan.  They like the homemade icing I make better.  Have a recipe for a butter cream icing and we use it every time.  Logan wanted to try it this time from the jar.  He said he's not doing that again.  LOL.  

We all do a birthday bash.  This year we went to TN.  Was wonderful.  It was part of a gift from a generous man.  Water park, staying in condos and visiting around TN.  Awesome.  This coming year, kids have said they want an amusement park.  Got some in mind.  So, next April, May, June and July will most likely be some travelling months.  April tends to be birthday bash trips, May- cue/ deaf camp, June- summer vacation, and July- a high school reunion.  Would love to go camping in March a little more local so we'll see.  We spoke w/ Max tonight about moving.  If we can not sell, we will be going to most likely set up the RV here for Max to stay temporarily till he can get a place of his own that we'll help him with.  Step by step here.  No jumping the gun.  This way, transitions are easier.  Max is extremely handy and can cook.  But, still a few things that need work.  Think back to when you were in college or on your own and what you wished you had learned first. That's the opportunity we want Max to have.  Hence, if he stays on site in the RV, a good first step to independence.  Live there a couple months, learn, save and then off to an apartment if he'd like.  So, if this scenario happens, then we'll look at a travel trailer.  less on gas and gives us more options for touring new places.  We'll see.  First goal though, is to get our adult children into independence if they desire.  Max is on that path.  He is 19.  I think he'll do awesome.  And, he's smart.  Wants to save up before rushing off.  Max will be getting his license very soon and then we'll be looking into the car situation.  Gasp. 

Logan wants to work.  Being only 14yo, limited at what he can do.  He is already looking forward to turning 15yo b/c he wants a work permit.  He is determined to save up.  And, he has a great work ethic like Max.  Wants to work and when he does, works hard.  Little by little, we'll get there.  Learning as we go as parents.  Hope we don't screw them up too badly.  Hope we can instill that nothing in life is free.  There is no reason to be lazy.  Work for what you want and do a good job.  Leave things better than you found them.  Always.  Be kind.  Love with reckless abandon and follow your heart.  Course, try not to fight with your siblings would be nice but still trying to figure out how to teach that one. 

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