Monday, September 15, 2014

Little Guy's Birthday

I know I can't say a whole lot.  I will say this.  Our youngest son had a birthday this past week.  Had to keep things low key so just the family there to sing and eat cupcakes. Bitter sweet because I know I'll never have this age in my house again.  He is our last, our baby.  And as you know, any time your baby has a birthday, you feel like their aging ten years.  If you only knew how much this young one has accomplished the last few months here.  Been incredible to watch. Yes, definitely hard times mixed with the good times but that just makes the growth that much more exciting.  We decided to make cupcakes.  We were going to do a caterpillar but ran out of time and frankly, he doesn't care as long as they taste good. 

 It was getting late so we kept it simple and bright.  And some plain for those that hate icing. 

Some blue with sprinkles.  Nothing fancy for sure.  Just cupcakes w/ homemade butter cream icing.

 Sofie was thrilled I like her lick the spatula.  Umm, thinking mistake in the making!

After Little Guy ate the cupcake, playing was just too tempting to resist.  He ate it all on his own and it showed on his face.  LOL.  Truly enjoyed eating his birthday cupcake.

Picture with camera hog and of course he was ecstatic we had his favorite  

Great day.  That morning we had been in line and got him one of those little finding nemo balloons on a stick.  He is still playing with it today!  Loves it.  Was just sweet and so happy we could spend the day with him.  Can't wait to show you pictures one day and many more to come!  Happy Birthday Little Guy.  We love you! 

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