Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dentist Appointments

Today, well  yesterday as it's after midnight, we had dental appointments for 6 of the kids.  Ended up being 7 of them b/c they squeezed in Little Guy for me.  For a well baby check.  Anyhow, 6 kids, no cavities, no issues.  Well, house guest has a baby tooth that needs pulling as blocking the permanent one.  So, scheduled that for December.  Little Guy did as expected.  His teeth were fine which is amazing.  Dentist is willing to coordinate w/ our team at Duke if necessary when other sedations take place soon.   Told him I'd keep him posted.  Kids were decent for the most part at the dental office.  Had to take them all since the older kids were being seen.  Can't very well leave Sofie and Summer home alone :)  Dentist is still giving out those stupid bouncy balls.  Hate those things.  Ironically, there is a sign saying not to play w/ them in the office.  How about not at home either.  LOL.  Glad things went well again and no significant issues.  Next batch is being seen next week. Hoping for another positive. 

Little kids went to story time today and had a great time there.  We try to go every Wednesday.  Older ones stayed home and worked on their planets research paper I assigned them.  They're doing well on it.  Tomorrow is a stay at home and work day.  Need to.  Friday is a big day for Little Guy.  Neurology, here we come.  Oh, and today, got a call from Duke that we are being seen this coming Tuesday!  Was thrilled as that appointment was originally at UNC in January.  Our docs saw Little Guy when we went w/ Alyona.  One worked personally w/ Little Guy's disorder and said let me see if we can't get you in sooner.  Relieved we'll be taking care of all the medical things soon.  Well, this post was short.  Hey, need to sleep some time.  More tomorrow as we are staying home for a change.  House guest doesn't have dance till the evening.  So, we are good to work.  Much to the dismay of my students :)

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