Friday, September 12, 2014

Bojan's New Path

Well, Bojan is growing up before our eyes.  Yes, we blinked again.  Bojan is 15yo and now a freshman in high school.  He is enjoying the school and likes the new experience.  He has joined chess club, works in the library and joined some other club I can't remember.  Something about helping people.  Not sure exactly and don't think he is either.  LOL.  Asked him the name of the club and he forgot.  Bojan is soaking up books still.  Always was and is to this day my only book worm of the family here.  Thought it was time for a few freshman shots.  We wish Bojan all the best this year in school.  What does he want to be when he grows up?  A pastor.  And that my friends is a whole other story.  And yes, being serious.   I think the profession suits him well. 

What, you want a picture of me?

So, wanted to get some back to school pics in front of the house.   Bojan grabs the hedge clippers and does this.  Nice, huh?  He is a freshman you know!  LOL

Closer view of the goofball.  Great balance though being a double amputee.  

Bojan, trying to decide if he should get serious here.

And finally, a real picture from the comedian of the bunch.  Our freshman this year.  Next year, we'll have another entering freshman, Alyona.  Year after that, we'll have 3 more entering.  Alex, Logan and Houseguest.  (ahh, now you all have an idea how old houseguest is :))  Bojan will be taking driver's ed this year too.  Look out.  I'm sure his brother will be giving him tips.  Max will be getting his license VERY soon so you'll be seeing him driving as I'm going to send him everywhere I don't have to go!  Why, isn't that what all parents of new drivers do?  LOL.  Many drivers soon here and they are trying to save up for cars now.  We'll probably be trying to help them with all that.   It is the ultimate drawback of having so many close to the same age...driving age. 

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