Thursday, August 7, 2014

To School or Not to School....That is the Question

So, most of you know we homeschooled 7 of our kids the year before last and before that.  However, this past year Alyona needed to very big neurosurgeries and I knew I would not be able to dedicate the time to homeschooling.  So, put them in public school last year.  Was the worst decision I made. Truly, it was.  I was so much more stressed with them going to school than I was when they were home.  Thought it would be opposite.  It wasn't.  And what they were learning, don't get me started.  I will not debate Common Core on here but suffice it to say, hate is an understatement in how I feel about it.  It was a mess!  You should have seen the way they were trying to teach division.  Reni was about to lose her mind as were Bojan & I trying to teach her.  We caved, taught her the old way and she learned it first night AND understood.  Found out they were letting Nik play quite a few computer games and such.  We have a limit on that for a reason at home.  He becomes obsessed and can not let go.  There were many things.  Not just elementary, but middle too.  All these things combined along with the fact the kids actually requested they be homeschooled (with the exception of Summer as she could careless), we have decided we need to pull them back out and let them learn, let them have friends that are good influences, not listen to the cussing all day long at middle school, and everything else.  Our choice. 

Now, Bojan has requested to be homeschooled as well.  However, I want him to at least try high school.  High school is more complicated, he's smart, etc., I just want him to try before giving up on high school.  I made Irina, Max and Yana go.  Irina, got homeschooled her last year.  Max has one course which I'll be starting this week with him in order to graduate.  Yana will finish high school next year.  I just prefer not to homeschool in high school.  Though after asking some of the kids' friends basic questions, I wonder at times if it is the wisest decision.  I used to not believe in homeschooling. Thought those folks were quacks.  I did.  Sorry people.  I've met many a former teachers in the homeschooling community.  Bottom line is school has changed dramatically over the last decade.  HUGE difference from when Irina first entered elementary to now.  I think the teachers are not allowed to teach the way they want any more.  And we need innovative teachers.  I remember some great ones that had their own style.  I have better grammar from high school b/c one teacher charged us ten cents for every grammatical error we made.   Made us think.  HER idea.  There are great teachers today but I think they are so incredibly hindered by the rules of admin and testing standards, they do not do so much out of the box thinking any more.  One year when we homeschooled, we made a solar oven.  Kids thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  LOL.  Or when they went to the Civil War battlefield and reenacted the soldiers carrying the wounded or heavy backpacks they used to carry.  We have more flexibility. 

So, homeschooling elementary and middle schoolers this year.  And, teaching Sofie the alphabet and numbers and colors.  Though, she knows a lot more than you think.  It will be hard as I know Sofie will pass Summer this year academically.  Also, homeschooling them allows them more speech which they need.  Kids are already trying to think of what they want to learn about this year and coming up with some great ideas.  Places they want to go.  Alex wants to learn about the Cold War he told me.  Getting ideas of what they want to do.  Extra activities as well though we're late signing up so have a feeling that may go over not so well.  I do know they'll be taking Spanish.  They were not into art at all except for Nik. So, don't really want to spend the money on that if they are not enjoying it.  NOt their forte.  Max and Nik and Logan, yes.  The others, no.  Though Logan has lost interest as well lately.  So, lots of thinking of what we'll be doing this coming school year.  No IEP meetings is a huge bonus.  Ideas any of you have or things you may think we would enjoy learning, please do share.  We are ready for new experiences this year. 


  1. Glad to hear you are homeschooling! I am a homeschooled- going in to my senior year of High School this year. :-)

  2. I am homeschooling my high school student this year due to the TERRIBLE year last year. He will be in 11th grade and passed all the state testing already. He will also be working at his job learning trade skills. His boss and I are communicating with each other. I am treating it like a Cooperative program.

    Our school district also offer cyber school which is a great alternative too. My middle school student(6th grade) will be going to middle school since he wants to. I will cyber school him if he starts getting bullied. We had some issues towards the end of the school year. He as aspbergers so he has an IEP and attends social skill classes along with speech.

  3. Music is important. If you can't teach them and don't have a piano teacher, get some recorders like they used to use in 4th grade. You can learn that and teach it. If you can't find used school quality ones, You can get what you need at Music and Arts. The dollar store ones are awful, don't even bother with them.

  4. Also music appreciation. Learn the periods... baroque romantic classical 20th century jazz big band... etc.