Thursday, August 7, 2014

That Feeling

So,  you all know these are our LAST adoptions.  Without a doubt!  But still, that being said, you still get this feeling each time.  Can't explain it.  Even if the child comes with a few items(umm, or more like Sofie and Yana did), you want something that is their very own that you yourself bought for that child.  Not a hand me down.  Something for them.  For Sofie, I'll never forget.  Her feet were freezing those first few nights.  And we'd put socks on but she'd take them off.  We went to Target and bought her pink slippers.  And matching outfits for her and Summer but that was mainly per Summer's request.  For Irina, it was navy blue sandals.  For Max, this hat.  For Little Guy, it was this:

A bathing suit. I know, it's nothing fancy, nothing special.  But to me, it is.  This is the first thing I bought for him. Why a bathing suit?  Well, it's summer and we have a pool.  Knew I didn't want him to feel left out.  And yes, it may be silly.  But this was something we bought for him.  Kids helped me pick it out.   Girls did.  Boys don't like to shop.

And to see the size you are buying sends reality to you very quickly.  I will never forget buying 18 month clothing for Max, Alex and Nik.  All 4yo when home.  Well, Alex was 3yo, almost 4yo.  But, it makes you stop in your tracks and really think about it all.  Or when I was buying Irina, my 6yo, size 2T's.  Or Alyona, my 7yo 3T's.  You have a different mindset and even though this is child #13, it doesn't change the feelings.  It is no less significant than when we first picked up Max and Irina.  That feeling is still there.  Mothering I suppose you call it.  So yes, it is just a bathing suit for him.  But the meaning behind it all is so much more.  Was wondering if everyone else who adopts feels the same.  Do you remember that first item you bought your child to be?  Do you still have it?  I actually still have most of my kids' first items.   If they didn't tear them or wear them out. LOL.  

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  1. Yes, I do remember the 1st things we bought our first sibling group. We bought them before they came home, the foster mom was great at telling us their fave colors, toys, shows, foods and sizes, etc. She was wonderful with the transition. All the special clothing for our kids over the years have been saved. We have everything from size 2 (youngest was 4 when we brought him home) until now. One day we will cut squares and make quilts for the kids with the fabric. This will help them to wrap up in all the memories of their forever home. Happy to be catching up with you again. It's been a while. As usual, a zoo around here. 2 adults transitioning into the working world and only 1 driving. Homeschooling all 3 boys (9, 10 & 11th grade) and keeping the littles ages 3 & 8). I stay exhausted, but it's soooo worth it! Happy for you all on # 13 and can't wait to read more!