Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Testing the limits

I know most the time I write what the kids are doing and most the time they are pretty good.  However, there are some days I just want to go back to bed.  Usually, it's one or two kids.  Thank goodness or I'd go nuts if all of them behaved badly at the same time.  Yesterday, Sofie gave me a run for my money. From the time she got up till the time she went to bed kicking and screaming.  And do I mean screaming. VERY uncharacteristic of our sweet girl who typically is spunky but for the most part, behaved.  But alas, she is a normal child.  And these days will certainly happen.  Didn't want you think Chaos Manor is a cake walk all the time. 

Started off with Sofie refusing to eat her breakfast.  Mind you, she hates eggs with a passion.  But only because she can.  Not because she really hates them.  She'll eat the breakfast casserole w/ scrambled eggs but not plain scrambled eggs.  But, as soon as she sees someone w/ something she wants, she shovels them down.

This is an innocent child, right?  No, you're wrong.  Let's see, her list grew through out the day of wrong doings.  She stole her sister's gum and was all stuck in her hair.  Both sides.  Yes, had to trim it out. She laughed.  Later in the day, I look out the window to see she left Summer on the playground.  What was Little Sofie doing? Why spray painting her brother's bed of course!  Hey, at least she had the sense to wear goggles while she did it.  Then it was dinner.  Sofie said she was done.  Why I believe this child lately, I'll never know.  Shortly after, I went out to check on them.  Sofie had spit all her baked potato out on the trampoline.  Yuck.  Wait though, it gets better.  The last straw was the other kids coming in and telling me she just peed on the trampoline.  Outside.  Outrageous!  Marched her inside, made her clean herself up, and sent her to bed.  To top off our evening, she threw the biggest, loudest, out of control fit ever.  We have seriously hit the terrible twos at this point in time.  Yes, normally I write about what she's up to, how cute, how sweet she was doing something, etc.  Well, she's making up for lost time this week.  

Today has been an incredible improvement.  Hoping we're headed in the right direction.  You should have seen yesterday though, she did not have even one single sibling on her side this time.  They had had enough. 

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