Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So What's Really Up??

Been cryptic lately, not saying a whole lot, missing posts, etc.  Well, been a little preoccupied.  But since things are moving right along and we are in the trenches, I figured I'd let you all in on something.  We are indeed adopting again.  No, I will not share the details.  And most likely, won't share them after all is said and done either.  Same as I did with Sofie.  Sofie's story is hers and hers alone to tell.  I respect that and hope others do as well.  I will tell you all this, we have had a house guest for some time now.  Hence, the low blog posts.  She is a delight and fits in well here.  Not too long after she arrived, we became aware of another situation.  So, we also now have a Little Guy with us. It is not the little blonde some of you see in photos.  That is a friend of the family's little boy that sometimes comes here to visit.

Reason posts have been scattered is we truly needed some time to bond and find our new normal.  There were things unexpected and it takes lots of dedication, patience, and endurance.  I've had many a late nights and well, blogging was last on my mind as family takes precedence.  I can safely say we have found our new normal and things are moving along so that I do have a little more time to blog.  Well, as best I can. Life does happen here.  Good and bad.  Prime example is today.  The dishwasher is broken.  It wasn't till after we started taking it apart that Irina informed us a glass had broken in the dishwasher some time ago.  Umm, yes dear, that could be the problem. So, Max to the rescue.

Max figured out it was the circulating pump.  He's mechanically inclined.  We need that and some gaskets.  Neither being cheap.  Around $150 I think Warren said.  And that's with us putting it in.  Has to be fixed either way as we're selling the house.  Just poor timing.  Isn't it always?

Irina is not too pleased we have to do dishes by hand now.  Hey, builds character.  Haven't ordered the parts yet.  We're still deciding on all together buying a new one or not.  Decisions, decisions.

So, what is up, is we're adopting again and selling a house.  Yes, all at the same time.  Hey, make changes, best to do it all at once with FAS kids in the house.  Now that things seem to be okay family wise and everyone adjusting okay and bonding and things of that nature, I can be more blog active.  Just thought it was high time I explained myself.  Now, back to life.  Just got an email saying we're showing the house tomorrow morning.  URGHH!!!

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