Monday, August 4, 2014

Manic Monday

Boy, the weekend goes by way too fast.  It was rainy t his past weekend, but nonetheless, needed to get stuff done and organized.  So, let's get onto what is happening around Chaos Manor:

  • My sister surprised me w/ a quick visit yesterday
  • We did a ton of errand running (Sam's, Walmart, BJ's,Staples, etc.)
  • Rainy weekend
  • Little Guy goes to ophthalmology today
  • Cancelled Irina's follow up ENT.  We're done w/ them. Going to Duke instead.
  • Purging closets
  • Getting ready to attend a clothes swap on Aug. 16th
  • Yana is still working at McDonald's and rides her bike there
  • Max & Logan have been helping neighbors w/ handyman stuff
  • Alex is mad and wants a job
  • Looking for jobs for many
  • Irina is babysitting
  • Kids' friends come back in town today
  • Deciding on what to do with house
  • Tired of paperwork
  • Need to get PPR stuff together at some point
  • Kids going to youth group this week
  • Need to go to bank
  • Catching up some more posts this week
  • Phones need to be replaced (land line ones)
  • Writing a friend from Cue Camp that may read w/ Nik online via video
  • Bojan never did get to finish the scuba opportunity.  They never called back after his one time in the water.  He is bummed.
  • Bojan will be interning at prosthetic doc this month to learn about the business
  • Still in need of some baby items 
  • Working on getting home school stuff lined up (WAY behind on this one!)
Dishwasher is now broken
Need to figure out fall sports.  Logan wants a break from sports this semester.  Fine by me!

Well tons more going on but need to get a few other things done today.  More posts to come this week.

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