Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm Back

Promise we didn't disappear off the face of the earth.  Little Guy truly was having a very hard time.  After I wrote that post, we ended up in the ER.  He is fine now.  Double ear infection but also found out that he is allergic to Amoxicillan.  Umm, good to know!  It is now on file to be sure.  We were lucky as he did not go into anaphalatic but that's where he was headed ER told us.  Relieved but also taken back by one nurse.  All docs/ nurses we ran into were great but one.  She really rubbed us the wrong way on a multitude of comments.  "Well, how do you know he's in pain?  He's non-verbal."  Things like that.  "Well, I don't know the difference between autism/ institutional autism.  Plus, he can walk."  I won't even go into detail on my thoughts.  All I know is it was a Saturday, I hadn't slept since literally Wednesday night and was in no mood for a rude nurse.  I bit my tongue.  Like I said, rest were great. 

Once he was well and back to his old self, we had school to contend with.  I'm homeschooling pretty much everyone but Bojan.  And I think it will be good. They really want to learn this year and really have already started doing work. That one shocked me.  Even Sofie is gung ho.  I have been spending this week trying to sign them up for classes.  Phew.  Houseguest is taking dance now.  Some will be taking tae kwon do.   2 different history clubs, some nature center trips for classes, and a few other things.  They will be plenty occupied, and plenty social to be sure.  Tomorrow, Friday, we have a homeschool group meeting at the park.  We'll also be doing lots of field trips I have a feeling.  Should be a lot of learning going on to be sure. 

Next, we have Max entering into an art exhibit locally.  In addition, someone wants to commission him to do some work.  Max will be getting his license soon.  He is almost done w/ high school.  He had one course to do and so we're homeschooling him for that one course.  Then, we'll have a cookout for him. 

Much more going on.  I will be able to do more posts this weekend and put pictures up for a change.  We are winding down our summer and getting ready for an exciting fall.  So, expect to hear much more from me in coming days. 

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