Friday, August 1, 2014

Green and Growing

It's the time of year where things are blooming.  We've done a lot this year in the yard but that is simply because we are trying to sell.  May actually have a new approach starting next week so stay tuned.  We must move so it will be an all out crusade almost to sell this home.  Ironically, a house flipper moved in just next door to us.  And yes, we're taking advice and getting tips :)  In all seriousness though, we want to move before school starts.  Umm, that is SOON.  So, need to get cracking on this home to sell it.  But, back to it being green here. 

Our house.  We hate to see it go but do realize it is time to move onward.  In a few days, I'll have a post about selling it and get the word out more.  Hard to say goodbye to the place you've watched your family grow.  The grass is finally growing back.  I had tomake the kids stop playing soccer in the yard in order for that to happen.

View of the front starting to green up.  That dead looking stick in the yard Max cut down yesterday.

Side view of the yard on hte right side.  Towel rack in the background.  So be it.

Another view of the side yard starting to grow more into summer time.

Closer view of that Crepe Myrtle blooming.

Overcrowded, neglected garden.  Yet, watermelon started to grow.  So far, 4 of them!

We've had quite a few cucumbers come from there which is great considering the lack of care the garden received this year.  Sad but true.  our time got away from us unfortunately.

Some of the backyard.  It's just peaceful back here.

What's green about Sofie?  Nothing.  Just cute.  However, there are green onions in the background growing and chives.  We always have those throughout the year and a few other things.  Just need a much bigger space in the yard for a much bigger garden.

One of our hostas with some impatients around it.  We love the pops of color.  We somewhat failed this year at the gardening part of our yard.  There were multiple unexpected events to be sure!  We'll try much harder next year, wherever we may end up.

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  1. Hope you get your house sold ASAP!