Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blessings Abound

Blessings truly have been flowing more than you can imagine.  And honestly, we have been so very grateful for it. 

Little Guy has some serious sensory issues.  The other day, a dear friend sent a box with a weighted blanket in it!  A Godsend to be honest.  He loves it!  Thank you so much Hilary for thinking of our Little Guy.

The other day, our vision company sent us extra eye glass cleaning clothes and one that also attaches to a purse or keychain.  Kind of cool.  Very sweet of her to think of all of us with glasses.

When Little Guy arrived, we had absolutely nothing in the way of baby stuff.  And I mean nothing.  We found a crib for free from someone.  Very nice.  However, after a few weeks, realized why it was free and felt it not safe as he could pull himself up in the crib.  So, we were on the hunt.

Felt very blessed to have found this crib someone who was moving HAD to get rid of that day.  $40 later and we have a wonderful, sturdy, safe crib for Little Guy.  Very happy about that and so is Little Guy.  

We truly have been blessed lately by many things and people.  Seen the heart of many.  From food from a dear friend to a weighted blanket to someone asking if we want extra cucumbers & tomatoes.  We could not do what we do without the help from others.  Truly amazing. 

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