Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Big Family Veggies

Over the years, our food storage and budget has slowly crept up.  Though the past few years, seems to be on overdrive.  To cut costs, we go to the Farmer's Market locally for our produce.  There is a bulk section in the back that not many know about.  Well, not most the general public.  Restaurants and things of that nature shop there.  And big families.  We are one of them.  And, when you're buying 50 lbs. of carrots, chances are, you'll have to process it all to freeze some of all these veggies to use throughout the month. 

Bojan and Reni getting ready to do some cutting.  Notice the 5 dozen egg box?  Yes, you can't just cook a couple eggs here.  It's literally a couple dozen for scrambled eggs.Usually 2.5 to 3 dozen.  We also get fresh chicken eggs here and there from the lady Irina babysits for.

Bojan was teaching Reni how to slice the peppers thinner.  Remember, she's left handed yet cuts with her right.

Logan did ALL the tomatoes.  Tons of tomatoes.  Not just that pot.  The big box was in the kitchen.

Think Bojan had had enough of the processing of veggies. 

This is one of the main reasons we want to move to somewhere with more land.  So we can grow more of our own food w/ a bigger garden.  Also, we'd love to keep chickens.  Not enough room at our present location.  We'd also love to try a hydroponics set up but that would be down the road after we got settled.  We have a house showing tomorrow.  Fingers crossed. 

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