Friday, July 25, 2014

Time for a Dip

Yes, I am well aware I have been off line this week.  It was the last week of school and to say we were busy with awards, ceremonies, end of year parties, graduations, etc. was an understatement.  Super duper busy.  For now, just doing a quick post on the pool.  finally a brand new liner and finally ready for a swim.  Kids were bugging me like crazy.  Once skimmer was up and running, I let them go in. 

And well, I started this awhile back in June as you can see.  Oh well, let me find some pool pics and just go from there.  Kids have been enjoying the pool as well as some of their friends.  New liner looks great and well, water is crystal clear.

Nik, enjoying some time in the sun and the water.

Reni, blowing up a raft.  We go to end of season clearance and stock up each year.  Only buy when 75% to 90% off.  They go through pool toys like water so have to do it that way.

Summer letting me know she loves me.  And just relaxing.

Reni in a float again.  This time, she didn't have to blow it up.

Ahh, the rare teenage son caught on camera.  Alex.

Summer and Nik doing what they do best.  Hard to believe they haven't known each other forever.  2 countries across the ocean and they end up together like this.  Who'd have thought it?

Alex helping get Little Guy's float ready.  We need one with a canopy.  Searching for one.  Doesn't the water look so inviting though?

What pool would be complete without a kid lounger?  Found it on a local yard sale site and Sofie and Summer love it.  Too cute for it too.  

Sorry not all kids are shown.  It is hard b/c older kids and house guest are usually together.  Soon enough though.  For now, just know all the kids and their friends are indeed having a good time with the pool this summer.  Even Little Guy is loving it.  This weekend is another hot weekend so we are ready.

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