Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 8 (picture time and headed south) Part 1

Well, next day was time to depart.  Before we left though, I wanted to get some family pics on the log I found the day before.  What was awesome was our campground neighbors offered to take our pics!  Very sweet of them to do.  So, early up to go take pics across the street.

Summer posing for the camera.

Yana and Reni.  This is blackmail for when they are fighting later.

Perfect for Karate Kid practice.

Logan's turn.

Bojan was trying so hard to get on this log.  Just a little too much to handle this go around.

Nik trying to get his balance.  They really did have a good time with this log and imitating the movie.

Playing in the sand one last time before having to leave and head to WVA.

Did manage to get her to sit still one last time for a photo op.

Sofie and Summer got matching dresses.  White.  Umm, yes, that was a dumb idea on my part.  This is the last white you'll see.  They are my girlie girls and I love it.  Wish I had more to be able to spend on their wardrobe but every once in awhile, I splurge on them.

Nik with his drawing in the sand.  Not sue what it's supposed to be.  Warren talking to the folks that took our pictures.  The family one was nice. Houseguest is in it so it will have to wait.  But great to have us all in there even if a casual picture.

The thinker.  Never ask a teenage boy what they're thinking about.  You never know what answer you'll get!  LOL.

Us, heading back to the RV as it was time to hit the road once again.  We had a great time at Lake Erie despite the weather.  WVA here we come!  Bison farm stop first.

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