Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 8 part 3 (WVA water fun!)

We made it to WVA after the bison farm.  We unpacked and kids and I went down to the pond area they have to swim.  So much stinking fun!  All must wear a life jacket.  Dock you can jump off of, blow up stuff, giant trampoline, etc.  Good, water fun.  All of us and one other in the water.  Perfect.  After a long drive, was just pleasant. 

 Alex checking to see who he had beat up the slide. 

Logan in action.

Summer and Sofie were afraid to go down this mini slide.  Irina was kind enough to demonstrate for them.

Alex coming down, other kids going up.

Logan, thinking if he'll do a back flip this time or not.

Sofie, growing up before my eyes.

Love how they help each other.  Bojan has incredible arm strength for obvious reasons.

Blurry but cute of Nik jumping off.

Giant trampoline.  Course they had fun on this thing as well.  Half the battle is getting up there.

Nik helping Summer go on one of the inflatables.  They really do help each other when needed.  Trips do a lot for my kids.  Wish we could take more!

Nik and another jump.  He never tires of doing this.  He, Logan and Alex were jumping off this thing over and over again.

Rinse off time.  Bojan in the background putting his legs on.

Summer does everything with finess and style.  Even rinsing off her feet.

On the way back, Summer caught a lightening bug.  So much better than catching it in our own yard.  LOL.  Came back to the RV, had a nice dinner and dessert and it was off to bed.  Some of the kids since we were still sans tent and sleeping bags, decided to sleep under the stars that night.  Was fantastic! 

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