Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 8-- part 2 (Bison Farm)

We left the campgrounds and headed still in PA, to a Bison Farm.   We like to try and learn at least one new thing when we go on trips.  Weather glass blowing or bison farm or what have you, feel it's important to always either try or learn something new.   Okay, not sure why pics got all mixed up but they did. 

Sign showing us where to go.  Really was beautiful.

What Sofie thought of the smell of this farm.

Bojan, Logan and Reni walking up the path.  The bison in the background are not that old.  Small compared to how big they truly get.

Lunch time after learning about the meat we're about to eat.  I thought the bison burgers were not all that great.  However, the bison hot dogs were the best thing I'd ever tasted!  Definitely not a hot dog taste.  Bison meat for those that don't know is very healthy for you.  Just too expensive for us to purchase, that's for sure.

Another shot of some of us eating lunch.  Was delicious and a great way to break up travel.

One of the bison the guy can actually pet since she was bottle fed when little.

Sign in front of the building.  Cute.

Our guide that also showed us how big the bison are before going out to see them.

Listening intently to information given all while resisting the urge to visit the gift shop they were standing in.  LOL.  We all had a very good time and it was a pleasant day out too.  After this, we were full, ready to roll and on our way to WVA for some fun in the water and a relaxing evening.

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