Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Vacation-- day 7 (Visits with Friends)-- part 1

We were ready to make Wednesday a new day at Lake Erie.  We were so ready to see the sunshine again.  That morning we had a little more rain.  However, shortly thereafter, the clouds dispersed.  A release after being what seemed like a trap inside.  In addition, my friend from high school and her mom were going to come and visit.  I do not have pics from that visit as we were truly visiting and just enjoying it.  She and her mom were kind enough to bring brownies and rice krispie treats that were devoured in minutes.  Literally.  They were just what we needed after such gloominess of being stuck inside in the rain.  Visit was short and kids were coming down off of being trapped inside for 2 days pretty much.  After she left, a friend and her son from the Bulgarian Reunion stopped by and we had a wonderful time hanging out, going out for pizza, and then onto a beach music concert.  

OMG, the kids had so much fun with this thing.  Funny faces and all.

Was a cute old fashioned restaurant they had with old props.

Really, having a bit too much fun.

Even caught a glimpse of Max in this one.

Some of the kids hanging out and waiting for the pizza to arrive.  What was cool was the owners of this restaurant were Bulgarian and Armenian.

Yeh, no one could smile at the same time.  Houseguest was hiding behind Irina.  LOL.  

I can always count on Summer for smiles and faces.  Pizza was absolutely delicious.  Course, felt just awesome to get out of that RV after being inside for so long.  Really does make you appreciate fresh air and sunshine.  

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