Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 7 part 2

After pizza we headed back to the RV to just settle in a bit and then decide what to do next.  We decided we should walk on the beach, go to the concert, and come back for Alyona's cake.  Yep, our friend Kelley even brought birthday cake for Alyona and us to enjoy!  How awesome is that?!

First stop at the beach was to learn how to skip stones.  Max could get 9 skips!  Girls and I weren't so lucky.

Summer just is a fish.  She loves the water.  We didn't bring our suits to the concert so clothes it was.  

Nik, Summer and Sofie trying to decide if they're giong to jump waves.

Time for a concert!  Music was just right, not a huge crowd, awesome weather, beautiful sunset, just perfect.  Good time with friends and family.  Can't beat it.

Alex even went in.  I know I don't have many pics of the teens but they hung out w/ house guest a lot obviously and just can't show them together quite yet.

Nothing like seeing the sunset on Lake Erie.  Gorgeous.

Pictures truly don't do it justice.

On the way back, we buried our friend in the sand.  Then, an impromptu funeral held by Max for the dead fish on the beach.  And yep, they participated and had a ulogy.  Interesting.

Went back to the campground and had cake that Ms. Kelley had brought for Alyona's birthday.  Too sweet of her.  Was wonderful.  We all sang happy birthday and had some delicious cake.

After cake, we came inside.  Well, adults stayed outside for the most part to chat.  The young man visiting us who also went to the reunion, taught Bojan some chess!  Ever since, Bojan is hooked.  How awesome is that?!

We thoroughly had a good time and wished they could have stayed longer.  Though our kids think we live closer.  LOL.  Was time to go to sleep and get up early to travel to WVA the next day.  Day 8 coming tomorrow.

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