Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 6 (plans change folks!) -- part 1

Well, this will be a turn of events kind of day.  And not for the best, that's for sure.  Though, most pics I got were on the ipad.  Onto pictures.  They always tell stories better than I do anywhow.  Plus, quicker since I need to read over my homestudy this evening.  Here goes.

Make my kids' day?  By feeding them donuts and bananas for breakfast.  Yep,s ure did.  Notice the nice table cover wadded up on the ground?  That's so we can leave tables nice like they found them.  Instead, my kids took it off and low and behold, in true Sofie fashion, she spilled her drink.  We bring sippy cups but it was being washed.  All at the table denied taking off said tablecloth btw.

Yumm, time to eat.  Weather was the morning.

All you Pinterest folks who pinned this stupid idea, no, it does not work. Save the limes for your drinks folks and the cloves for Christmas time.  LOL.  Does not repell the bugs.

Those 3 people in the background were literally the ONLY three people in the entire lake!

After breakfast, I took a few of the kids to the Lake to see it.  Even I stepped in that ice water.  Truly, I think ice water is warmer than that lake.

Summer jumping the waves.  

After coming back from the beach and having lunch, Warren and I decided to take a few of the kids to a nature center.  Not all kids were at the RV so took some.  If our kids leave the RV,  they must go in a group.  Yes, even the older ones.  Well, Sofie got a bit tired on the way so poor Warren was carrying her most the way up to the center.

And very cool place if you ever are at Lake Erie.  Really enjoyed it.  And, it's FREE.  And air conditioned.  After walking in the summer heat, it is heaven on earth.  LOL.

Sofie and Summer trying a few things out.

Even Irina tried her hand at learning a few things.

Alyona bird watching.

Look at that view. That is the amusement park in the distance across the street.

Love how Logan was helping Nik take a look.

I have more pics and one really good one that has houseguest in it.  However, limited as you know for now on pictures.  So, one of us trying to get ready for a picture.

Yeh, Summer is pretty much always ready for a picture.

Some more of the goofballs.  After this, we headed back.  Then, a shift in clouds and wait to hear what happens next.  More to come.

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