Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 6 part 2

We went to the environmental center and really did have a good time those of us that went.  Came back and well, the mood change as did the weather.  We were in for some strong storms.  Understatement of the year. 

 This is only part of the rain we got.  More came.  Flooded the campgrounds.  Literally.  And the entire tent set up.

This was during the break in the storm.  We lost ALL the pillows, some mats that were pourous, and of course ALL clothing was soaked.  So, threw away mats and pillows as they would have molded even once dried.  Sucked!  Mattresses were also toast.  We were all bummed and this was an expensive deal.  Since everythings was floating, all people in the tent had to move indoors.  Pic was taken during a break in the storms. 

Time to wash off the water with more water of course.

That big dinette in the back comes in very handy now.  Snack before the chicken was ready.  

Bojan, with some nice handy work.  Hey, lots of improvising while on the road.  Makes them think.

Magic.  Shoes repaired.  Nik really does need a supply of flip flops in the summer. He goes through them like water.

At least Nik was having fun with the camera.  Every ounce of space was being used.  Oh, how some days we wished we had a big bus for travel.  LOL.

Umm, do you think the stress was getting to everyone after ALL 14 of us were stuck in here?  Tensions were running high at some points.  Faired well for the most part but this was truly a test of patience to be sure.

 Alyona took it well about sleeping on the dinette with Summer.  On this pic you really can tell the unfinished paint job we did. 

Summer and Sofie killing time by coloring while looking at the rain.  Some of this is actually from Wednesday morning.

And remember that dead fish?  Well, apparently when they went back, some of the teens, Reni went with them.  This was from yesterday.  I said I wonder why Reni is so sick and no one else is?  Bojan pipes up and says "Mom, maybe it was from that dead fish she was playing with.  She never did wash her hands afterwards."  Nice.  Real nice.  No one else was sick.  So yes, most likely the dead fish.  I couldn't bear to go to an amusement park and not take her.  So, it's all for one and one for all.  Promised the kids we'd go sometime later this summer.  Regretting saying that as tickets for this park were sundown prices and I haven't been able to find that anywhere else lately.  They all took the news well that the amusement park was not going to happen this go around. 

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